Reflection : GE1155 Computer in Education :MS Access 2-Reflection

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For this week, Miss Aidah taught us how to do Query and report based on the form that we did last time. I learnt how to use MS Access to do an efficient report and query. This method is more systematic. I will know how to use it to make my report next time when i become a teacher.


Reflection : GE1155 Computer in Education :Activity for Week 7 & 8 – Project #4 (Power Point)-Reflection

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We are assigned to make our own power point that is used for teaching and learning process. This is an individual work. we can choose any topic in the area of our study. Dr. Rosseni told us about the grading and criteria for a good project and assignment and we know how to make our power point to have good marks and grades from Dr. Rosseni. We have to submit three weeks later from the week that the assignments given to us. Below is the attachment for my power point.

UKM Life….

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It has been almost 3 months i been here. I had use such a long time to adapt the new environment. It is no more like primary and high school.. I need to be  independent in doing all the things. I pray to God so that I can overcome all the problems that came to me.. Just few weeks to go, i will have my final exam. What result will I get? I just have to tell myself to be more hardworking. But dont feel too stressful. Many assignments need to rush now. So, add oil bah..

Reflection: GGGE1155-week 9 MS ACCESS

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On week 9 GGGE1155 class, Miss Aidah taught us about the MS Access. This is quite a new thing to me because I never use it before. Miss Aidah taught us step by step how to create tables and forms. I wrote down all the steps so that I wont forget about it next time. When we did this assignment, we faced a lot of problem. Some minor error can make the tables and forms cannot be created properly. So we had to do it step by step. I think it is good to learn about Access as it can help us to do our tables and forms in a systematic way in future time.  

Database image:

Reflection: GE1155 7th week lecture(Microsoft Excel)

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This week Cik Aidah taught us on how to use Microsoft Excel to record marks for the students’ result. I know many shortcut ways to sum up the marks, the grading, ranking, and the way to calculate the max, min marks, average, median, mode, standard deviation etc. This will be very useful in future time when we have to make the overall result of our students. Microsoft Excel is important for everyone because it is used to make a efficient calculation table. Besides that, we use Microsoft Excel to draw graph, chart, etc too. I learn many things and knowledges regarding ict during computer classes.

Reflection : Project 3# Computer in Education: Assignment and Activity for week 5 and 6

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In week 5 , we are assigned to do one broucher regarding how to seek articles from online database in our Tun Sri Lanang Library and how to read those articles critically. This was a group assignment so we divided our work to complete the broucher. We found the information from PTSL website and recalled back how we read the articles critically. And at last we completed the broucher and send the email with attachment of the broucher to Cik Aida. On the following week( week 6), we handed in the hard copy (broucher) during the lecture time. It was a fun assignment to do because we learnt new things and ways to design a broucher. This will be useful in my future time when i need to design a broucher for special occasion.


Reflection: GE 1155 4th week lecture: Finding articles activity

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For week 4 lecture, we had to do assignment in group. Each of the group consisted of 2 to 3 members. Every group were assigned with different topics and had to find jurnal from the internet. My group topic is knowledge synthesis(information synthesis).Miss Aidah Abdul Karim taught us on how to use the searching tools to find the articles and jurnal. And the assignment had to submit to Miss Aidah on Monday before 5.15 pm via email with subject GGGE 1155 Critical Review.

We face a lot of problem when we chose the articles that suitable for our topics. Thanks to Miss Aidah because they helped us in our assignment. Instead of using knowledge synthesize to search the articles, they gave us suggestion that we could use “information synthesize”, and finally we found a good articles from e-Portal UKM. We learnt step by step to search articles from the UKM library website. We did the assignment carefully because every single things from our assignment carry marks.

We also been taught on how to do the summary of the jurnal that we read through the website From this week lecture, i learnt how to search good articles and jurnals from the PTSL website and it will help me in my thesis writing in future time….